General Havoc is the brother of the space pirate Divatox, and an unnamed third sibling(possibly Dimitria, who is on the side of good), as well as the uncle of Elgar. He showed up with his Space Base he had been constructing for her after a long period of time (Divatox somewhat wittingly comments it was "about 100 years"). Havoc proved far more competent in his battles with the Rangers than Divatox, not only by defeating the Rangers with his Metallasaurus, but also by stealing theTurbo Megazord and abducting the Phantom Ranger.

After his Metallasaurus was destroyed for the second time, he departed to build a new one. He appeared later in Power Rangers in Space when Dark Specter's alliance launched a galactic scale attack. He participated in the Machine Empire's attack on the Phantom Ranger's home world and was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in the final episode, Countdown to Destruction.

General Havoc is voiced by Tom Wyner in one episode, but voiced by Richard Cansino in the other appearances.