Long before Myotismon was himself, he was an apprentice to Yensid named Riley. This was until his heart was broken by Sailor Moon when she dumped him for Ash Katchem. During this depression, he was approached by Hades, who turned him into The Prince of All Animated Evil and gave him the power to have his revenge.

Love after Sailor MoonEdit

During this time of power, Myotismon was reunited with an old chilhood friend, Xion. After seeing each other in their grown up forms, they fell in love and got married.

The SonEdit

After a few months Myotismon and Xion ran into a road show advertising a product called Negaduck's Miracle Elixer. Myotismon could tell from the start it was a scam and challenged Negaduck into a speed painting contest. Myotismon won hands on and got Tails, Negaduck's orphan assistent, to be his son, as part of the bet he and Negaduck made. Tails was delighted to have real legal parents and went along with Myotismon and Xion willingly.

The Court of DemonsEdit

Myotismon later met Negaduck yet agian, who was accompanied by The Grand Duke of Owls. They had brought Myotismon the idea of a new division of The Final Words that Myotismon would be allowed to lead out of the respect he had gained from Negaduck. Myotismon took the offer and made Negaduck second in command and The Duke third. Thus, The Court of Demons was founded.