Prince Gasket, heir to the Machine Empire.

Prince Gasket: Current leader of the Machine Empire.

Prince Gasket is the son of King Mondo and Queen Machina. He fell in love with Princess Archerina despite the fact that her father was Mondo's mortal enemy. The two knew that their fathers would never approve of the marriage so they eloped. As Mondo underwent repairs after a brutal battle with the Power Rangers, Gasket arrived to keep things in order. He proved to be a dangerous adversary but eventually left when his father was repaired. So far, Gasket is the only remaining member of the Royal House of Gadegtry. He has formed an alliance with the restored Lord Zedd and even fixed Serpentera, Zedd's own colossal zord. He offers his services to the Court of Demons and has an entire arsenal of powerful machines for him or Myotismon to command.

But tragedy has struck Gasket. During his travels, Archerina was presumably lost or destroyed in battle. Filled with anguish, Gasket went traveling the multi-verse to fill the void in his heart. As such, he come upon Earth once more and found himself smitten with the beautiful robot girl XJ-9, aka Jenny. Now, he is determined to make her his new queen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gasket is a cunning mastermind and plan maker. He wields a sword in combat and is an excellent fighter. When attacking from a distance, he can shoot energy beams from his blade. He also has the ability to shoot beams of energy from his sword that can turn any machine or mechanical device into a robot of mass destruction.