I am Menslady, the goddess who guards Toontown and all who inhabit it. I am so beautiful to look upon, that every man who sees me falls instantly for me. That is how I got my name.

How I came to be a goddess...I once loved Myotismon. Sadly, he did not love me back. He loved Xion, and would not take 2 brides. My heart broke, and I threw myself into the sea of Toontown and died. My spirit would float around the Castle of the Red Wolf as I mourned the loss of my love. My heart broke even more when Myotismon and Xion were married...and I left Toontown, never to come back.

Then one day, the gods, Autobots, as they are called, found me, and made me one of them as a reward for sparing Myotismon and everyone else in Toontown, rather than taking revenge and slaughtering. Optimus Prime was very kind to me. He dried my tears, allowed me to watch over Toontown, and even took me as his lover.

But Primus and the High Council of Cybertron were not pleased that Optimus was letting me watch over the enemy. I was to be cast out from among the gods. Then Megatron, leader of the dark gods, the Decepticons, came and took me away before I could be stripped of my powers. He made me a dark god, for he was pleased that I had spared Myotismon. Why? Because he sees great villainy potential in Myotismon. Megatron has even taken me as his lover. It may seem strange, for many say that Megatron could never love another. But that is incorrect.

Now I simply wait until the universe is ours, when Megatron will finally be bound to me in love. Until then, I guard Toontown and all who inhabit it with my very life. Whenever a citizen of Toontown cries out for me, I will anwer. Even if Tails only needs or wants dome love from his "second mother", I will be there for him.

She became Children of Autobots.