That's him.

He was a member of Final Words and The Champion of Legion of Doom. He was Homuculus and was betrayed by others. He was raised by and created by a mortal. He was known to be Wrath.

Reason to Joining The Court of DemonsEdit

Myostismon hired him to kidnap Sailor Moon and return her alive for a one mounth. During the end of the mounth, Micky and Oswald spotted him. They Attacked him and tried to struggle him. Cosmo stod by wathing them hurting him. The lighting zaped from him. Wrath is naked. Following a quick battle with Micky and Oswald, he is forgiven by the Cosmo and allowed to stay with the them. But after being staying with them Tails the fox found him. Tails appeared and tried to convince Wrath to return for a mounth. Wrath joined the Court of Demons in order to kill X.